Valentines Day Blues

Over the last 20 years of my life I can recall quiet a few V-day’s yet I do not recall a single one in which I received a gift other than one given to me by my parents.  While I appreciate the sentiment and love my parents dearly… When you watch your friends post engagement photos, big bouquets, chocolates, date night out, and so much more those flowers from my parents seem less and less meaningful.

The older I get the more I realize I need to appreciate the things I do have in life and the love my parents have for me, but it is hard on days like today when you are smacked in the face left and right by posts on social media about what you don’t have.

I’m sure mr. right is out there somewhere wondering about me… and to him I say hurry up.  I’m waiting.  I miss you and I love you.

Yours Truly,



Where did the Good Boys Go?

I’m coming up on my 21st Birthday and looking through my Instagram, Facebook, etc.  I see all my friends getting engaged, married, or at the very least they have a serious boyfriend they have been with for a while.

Where is my guy?!  Why don’t I have one?  Is there something wrong with me?  Also, what happened to the good guys who want to plan dates and surprise me with flowers just because they saw them and though “she needs these she had a rough week” … WHERE ARE YOU?! Cause that’s all I want.  Im not asking for anything expensive I just want cute nick names, dinners, walks on the beach around the apartment, going to the gym, movie nights in our out, and the occasional gesture that says you thought of me.  That’s it.

Am I asking for too much?!

Please someone let me know…

Apartment Struggles

Alright so it’s been a while since I’ve written anything and boy do I have lots to say now….


I’ve been in my apartment since May with my roommate and although it’s going okay I wouldn’t say that we love each other or get along super well.  So let me give you some advice for any of you who might be going through the same thing:


  1. Pick your battles
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff (much easier said then done I know)
  3. Communication is literally the Key (which we don’t have but we should!)
  4. Before getting a place with someone it might be best to go over ground rules
  5. It isn’t always best for your roommate to be your friend (or to start that way…
  6. Make sure you get out of the apartment often
  7. Hang out with other friends! Not just your roommate

That’s all I’ve really got thus far.  Any other suggestions or anything you want to add Comment Below!


Love you guys ❤


First Apartment 

So I moved in to my first place this week! It’s super exciting, but it is also lonely. Don’t get me wrong I love my Roomie ❤ but my man is three hours away and I really want something to care for and be excited to see me when I get home. I have a betta fish, Shark Bait, but he just isn’t enough. Need something to fill the void. 

Any ideas? Suggestions? What should I do

Curly Gurls <3

Alright… So I am a Curly Gurl!  Curly hair is gorgeous it comes in so many different lengths, curls, colors, textures and the list goes on.  I have STRUGGLED with finding the right shampoo and conditioner for almost 2o Years! YIKES!  Well Ladies the struggle is over! I have found the most amazing line of hair care products made for Curly by Curly… DevaCurl!  I Love Love  Love this brand! They have different products and even different shampoos and conditioners.  I currently own and love the moisturizing milk duo!  If you have not tried DevaCurl and are looking for the right products for curly gurls  GIVE IT A TRY!  I am not being sponsored or anything by the company this is an honest review because I wish someone would have told me about it a long long time ago and so does my hair! ❤

The College Struggle…

So I’m back on campus after Winter Break… Looking at my bank about is absolutely terrifying.  People talk about how expensive college is all the time, but what about being on your own and having to pay for food, clothes, and all of your bathroom supplies on your own.  That stuff adds up fast! Not to mention laundry which adds up really fast!  There has to be other ways to make money in college that I can manage to do from home with my busy schedule.  Sure I have a job on campus, but that’s only $9 dollars an hour and they don’t give you many hours.  Those paychecks don’t go as far as you think they do.  Does anyone else have this struggle? When did living get so expensive?? Help a sister out!


This is an amazing acronym to live by ❤

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One of the girls I know seems to be so much happier then the rest of us.  Granted she gets to go on amazing vacations to exotic places year round.  It’s like she has some sort of secret to happiness and self – love.  She doesn’t care if you do not like what she wears or how she dresses.  She does what she wants to do.  She has a rockin’ bod because she likes to work out for herself (which is really why any of us should work out anyway) and she eats super healthy.  What does she know that I don’t? What powers does she poses where she can completely and whole heartedly love herself and pour so much love out into the universe and then receive that back and then some…  I wouldn’t say it isn’t fair, it’s just that I wish I had that to.  The vacations are nice, but what I want is the confidence, the self – love and the love and appreciation she has for mother nature and everyone / everything around her.  I wish I had that…

What do you think her secret is? How does she do it? ❤

Finals Week

It’s the weekend before finals…

and instead of actually studying or doing anything productive… I’ve looked at what manicure I want to get when this week is over and I have chewed through the last of my nails, and as you already know I’m blogging.  Way to go Julia! Except I should be doing a lot of other things right now.

Finals week is the most stressful week of each semester.. I eat more then I should.  I do not exercise and to be honest I’m not even sure I study…  I just stress about everything and anything and eat everything in sight.

I wish I could give you advice about what to do during finals week, but all I can say is DO NOT  be a Julia during finals week… Study!